Smoked and Dry Fish

Smoked and Dry Fish


If you have never tasted Smoked Fish from Tribal Tastes, you are missing out big time and it is a grave injustice to your palate.

Seriously, there is a reason why a seasoned writer called this smoked fish “the best thing to come out of Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market in the last twenty years”.

Not only is this the tastiest Smoked Fish there is because of how it’s specially made, it’s also the most exquisite because of it “possessing qualities of unusual delicacy and fine craftsmanship“.

And yes, also because of the history behind it.

That’s why it’s important to first delve a little bit back into the history of Smoked Fish and why Tribal Tastes smoked fish is the most special and most exquisite smoked fish ever.

History of Smoked Fish 

You see, people’s culture and values are intricately woven into their cuisine in many occasions it defines who they are.

The French are known for their Champaign the Italians for their pizzas the Chinese for their noodles.

In the vast continent of Africa, the Ashanti’s for their Shito (a condiment made from smoked fish), the Ethiopians for their Injara bread, the Akure, and the Ekiti people of western Nigeria where I come from are renowned for their pounded yam and palm wine.

Some foods items had over the years even though they may not be identifiable and be ascribed to a particular cultures and people had significant economic and sociocultural influences on humanity these foods items transcend mere eating and are not ordinary food to quench hunger.

They are products and articles of trade, means of exchanges articles of value to settle trades transaction means of settling royalties accruing from the use of lands amongst ancient communities and dowry settlements.

In the past, wars were waged amongst nations either for the control of these products or their trade routes. A few examples were spices chillies preserved products of which smoked and dried fish will be our preferred topic for this article.

From the dawn of time humans have been ingenious to preserve foods during the time of plentiful and bountiful harvest to be used off seasons and in times of scarcity. Fish smoking and drying is an ancient art.

In traditional societies round the world the techniques and methods of fish preservation either through smoking and drying are still confined to rudimentary technology of smoking fish on a bed of fire and spreading fish out in the sun.

Both methods with their efficiencies and inadequacies served the people and the outcome of both methods were extremely rewarding.

In today’s world fish smoking and drying have not been left out of modern-day phenomenon. We are in the age of constant technological advances and breakthrough. Fish are now more abundant throughout the year due to advancement in fishing techniques.

In particular, the use of large fishing trawlers huge aqua cultures ventures had necessitated the fabrications and deployment of modern equipment such smoke house large capacity drying house into the fish smoking and drying business.

Smoked Fish in Australia

We are living in the best of times in a country so endowed with the longest ocean line in the world and many rivers. Australia is abundantly blessed with natural resources of which fish and wildlife resources make us the envy of the world. We should also take cognisance of our multi-ethnic diversity.

Australia is populated from every corners of the globe from Nigeria to Nepal from Norway to New Zealand from the United Kingdom to the United States from Afghanistan to Algeria from Finland to France from Germany to Georgia from Thailand to Togo all the countries of the world feel at home in Australia. That is why Australia has become a big cultural melting port.

Australians from every corner of the globe brought with them their cuisine and the complex and unique methods of preparing and preserving them. The Africans population in Australia are the latest migrants due to some historical factors for another future symposium.

The use of smoked and dry fish is very prevalent and common in African, Caribbean, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepalese, and the Indian sub-continent hence the need to have quality smoked and dried fish products necessitated my venturing into this untapped business venture in already very advanced and sophisticated food industry.

Smoked Fish and the Special Nigerian Australian Creation

My name is Kunle Adesua and I hail from western Nigeria. I have been in the business of fish smoking and drying business for the past twenty years. I pioneered traditional fish smoking and drying techniques with a modern twist to lure the ever-inquisitive Australian palate to savour my products.

For the fact that salmon is not one of the fish varieties I am familiar with at home I have crafted the best smoked salmon that has been described as the best culinary breakthrough since the invention of the slice bread.

This special invention of my Smoked Fish is sold in my Tribal Tastes store at the Queen Victoria market, Melbourne. Of course, you can always order online anytime you want and have it delivered to any location in Australia.

Why Tribal Tastes Smoked Fish Is the Best Product to Have Emerged at the Queen Victoria Market in the Last Twenty Years

A food writer many years ago described my smoked salmon as the best product to have emerged at the Queen Victoria market in the last twenty years.

As aforementioned even though salmon is such an unknown fish to me a product with popular market appeal has been created that will endure and live as a lasting legacy of African cuisine in Australian culinary lexicon.

With the abundance of fish in Australia and diverse niche markets the varieties of fish smoked and dried is not limited to salmon alone other varieties of fishes are smoked and dried with dexterity such carp with culinary acculturation from Europe to Asia and the Indian sub-continent a fish referred to by Aussies as vermin is a delicacy that end craves and culinary nostalgia.

Other types of fishes are smoked such as Tilapia, marlin, ribbon fish, trevally, cod prawns etc, the market and the demand for smoked and dried fish is on geometrical progression.

And this has been due to the growing migrant population and the adventurous nature of Aussies to embrace new culinary concept and cuisine smoked fish and dried fish once confined into the kitchens grandmas in far distance land is here to stay and the future is bright.

All those who have bought and tried our Smoked Fish have always expressed their satisfaction and enjoyment, adding credence to what the writer said years ago.

The Proof of Our Smoked Fish Is in the Eating

Yes, as the popular saying goes “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. In this case, the proof of the awesomeness of our smoked fish is in the eating.

This means you certainly do not have to take my word for it. You can try out our smoked fish to see for yourself why it was described as the best product to have emerged at the Queen Victoria market in the last twenty years.

Those who have tried it have come back again and again to buy more, not just for themselves but for their friends and loved ones. Even those people who tried it for the very first time have been pleasantly surprised and have returned for more.

You can try it yourself and you will also be pleasantly surprised.

It can be enjoyed on its own and as part of another meal. It can also be enjoyed by just about anyone, even those who may not be particularly into fish products.

Buy Smoked Fish Efo Riro Recipe Kit

Tribal Tastes featured in the 2020 virtual African Cultural and Music Festival demonstrating the use of Smoked Fish in this exclusive West African recipe called Efo Riro. Efo Riro is a celebration of green vegetables and is divine!

Enjoy with maize meal as a truely cultural experience where the food is literally 'finger licking good'. 

Buy the Efo Riro recipe kit and enjoy using traditional West African smoked fish in this truely delightful recipe. 

Buy Smoked Fish in Melbourne, Australia

You can buy my specially prepared smoked fish directly from my Tribal Tastes Retail Store, Shop 83, Dairy Produce Hall, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.

Of course you don’t even have to physically visit our store to buy, thanks to the Internet. You can buy online from our highly secured website. 

It's very easy and straight-forward to order your smoked fish from our website. Simply visit our website and search for "smoked fish" and it will bring you to the page to order or search for smoked and dry fish and you can select from the vast selection of smoked and dry fish products available on our website. 

You can also use the below link to go straight to the page to order:

It is currently just $15 for 200g Smoked Blue Eye Cutlets. These are delicately spiced and meticulously smoked & dried ‘African Style’. You can slice and enjoy as is or add to your salad or next Stew. By the way, it can also be used to make Shito, if that is your thing.

You can pay using either Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or your credit card. We also allow you to use AfterPay, if you prefer.

Shipping is very straight forward when you order. We can ship your order to any location in Australia and beyond. Yes, it is surprisingly just $10 Flat Rate shipping for up to 5kg for any order Australia wide!

If you want to receive your order before the weekend, make sure you order between Monday to Wednesday, as any order after Wednesday will be sent the following Monday.

Buy Smoked Fish Jollof Rice

If you want to see this special Smoked Fish in action you can buy our special Smoked Fish Jollof Rice as an EasyMeal™!

Smoked Fish EasyMeal™ is made with premium parboiled basmati rice and our special hot smoked trevally and blue grenadier with the most exquisite West African sauce containing roasted capsicum, tomato, onion, and a dash of chilli. Smoked Salmon EasyMeal™ is a variation using our most exquisite hot smoked salmon and of course our hot smoked salmon oil.

It is also quite easy and straight-forward to order your Smoked Fish or Smoked Salmon Jollof Rice EasyMeal™ from our website. You can simply visit our website and search for "Smoked fish Jollof Rice" and it will bring you to the page to order. Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ packs can be posted Australia wide.

These products are so convenient. You can simply heat packs in hot boiling water and serve. Our customers love to serve smoked fish Jollof Rice with a salad or some steamed greens. Best part of it is there is NO washing up to do.

You can also use the below link to go straight to the page to order for just $18 each:

Whatever else you do after reading this article, it must include ordering some our incredibly special and exquisite Smoked Fish or Smoked Fish Jollof rice, to see for yourself why ours is hailed as “the best thing to come out of Melbourne’s Queen Victoria market in the last twenty years”.

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