Living Food that Transcends Organic all natural products®

Living Food that Transcends Organic all natural products®

Living Food that Transcends Organic - all natural products® is not just a logo, it's a powerful statement that drives our purpose and vision. To truely transcend is to surpass and exceed. Tribal Tastes is committed to natural food preservation and upholding traditions in producing healthy nourishing food goes above and beyond industry standards.

Kunle Adesua is the founder of Tribal Tastes Foods P/L and the producer of EasyMeals™. Kunle grew up on the land in West Africa where the use of chemicals and preservatives in preserving food are unknown. In addition West African cuisine is founded in healthy diet which are now adopted in mainstream cultures appealing to health conscious consumers. Lifestyles encompassing free from gluten, dairy, sugar, low GI, ketogenic and vegan are traditions not trends in West Africa. Coming to Australia availed Kunle the opportunity to transfer the past holistic knowledge of producing healthy food without the use of chemicals or preservatives, to create the future of foods, hence, the birth of 'Living food that Transcends Organic'.

In his food processing Kunle employs physical food processing techniques, which encompasses;

  • Meticulous selection of agricultural produce of impeccable quality.
  • Food processing methods such as sorting, washing, drying, smoking, fermenting, pickling, blanching, cooking, sterilising. Using the natural enzymes abound in various food to preserve the food.
  • Our Quality Systems and packaging developed over two decades have made our products have very long shelf life without any chemicals or preservatives!

These processes are free and void of the use of any chemical whatsoever. For example some certified organic food may contain citric acid and other preservatives which Kunle does not use. In food production, bulk sauces are sourced from large manufacturers which are heavily laden with preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers etc. Our sauces are made from scratch by sourcing the individual components from the Queen Victoria Market. Our meat products are wholesome Australian grass-fed beef. Our goat, buffalo, camel, rabbit & kangaroo are wild harvested Australian game meats and wild caught fish. Tribal Tastes even grows some of the essential ingredients that are not readily available in Australia such as bitter leaf. They are grown without the use of fertilisers.

In addition to natural food preservation techniques, transcend organic encompasses the nature of Tribal Tastes products. Tribal Tastes produces foods which are healthy upholding traditional West African cuisine tradition.

Living Food that Transcends Organic is Tribal Tastes mantra where traditional food preservation methods are used to create healthy, nourishing food.