White Maize Products


White corn, white corn grits, white hominy, white maize meal, white broken corn, white meilie meal, ready meal white corn & beans is our business. Corn is our business and our business is corn. We are manufacturers, we are growers of all white maize products. Broken white maize, white maize (white whole peeled corn), white polenta, roasted white corn flour, fermented white corn flour (wet & dry), fermented white corn polenta (Kenke). Wholesaler and manufacturer of corn grits of different sizes. White corn grits called mielie rice. Processors of commercial quantities of corn grits for snack foods manufacturers. Processors of any size of white corn grits. Wholesaler of whole white corn. Grower and wholesaler of commercial quantity of white corn. Industrial manufacturer of white polenta, maize meal, white corn grits, whole peeled white corn, white corn germ. We sell and distribute Peruvian purple corn maize flour.