About Us

About Us

Tribal Tastes Foods is an Australian owned family business. Kunle opened his shop at the Vic Market in 2002. Rosie began working in the business shortly after they were married in 2006. Tribal Tastes retail shop is located at Melbourne's iconic Queen Victoria Market. You can find the shop in the Dairy Hall (Delicatessen area), Stall 83. Ask any trader 'where is the African Shop?', they will surely point you in Tribal Tastes direction. 


Meet the chef Kulne

For over 20 years, Kunle Adesua from Tribal Tastes Melbourne has handcrafted, hearty, wholesom e and nutritious meals in small - scale batches. In keeping with his food philosophy that transcends organic, Kunle selects the finest market fresh ingredients through maintaining relationships with growers and suppliers.

Since 1878, Melbournians have placed their trust in Queen Victoria Market as the heart and soul of fresh food from Victoria and beyond. Kunle continues this tradition at the Tribal Tastes market stall doing the rounds with suppliers, procuring the very produce to create tasty small batch meals. He carefully washes and peels all his vegetables by hand . The food that you get in the pouches are not there by accident. They are products of meticulous and intricate traditional food processing techniques. This keeps the food fresh, tasty, fragrant, nutritious and sustaining

Tribal Tastes packaging is very robust. Using state of the art Japanese technology. Packaging contains a barrier that does not allow for oxidation . The quality of the produce that is put in the bag is maintained until serving, trapping the flavours

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