About Us

About Us

Tribal Tastes Foods is an Australian owned family business. Kunle opened his shop at the Vic Market in 2002. Rosie began working in the business shortly after they were married in 2006. Tribal Tastes retail shop is located at Melbourne's iconic Queen Victoria Market. You can find the shop in the Dairy Hall (Delicatessen area), Stall 83. Ask any trader 'where is the African Shop?', they will surely point you in Tribal Tastes direction. 


Meet the chef Kulne

Kunle Adesua grew up on the land in Nigeria before studying in Europe and finally making a home in Australia. He is a West African cuisine expert, passionate about producing natural, healthy and delicious food. This makes Tribal Tastes a unique product, using the finest quality seasonal ingredients to bring you unmatched African flavours.

In 2002, Kunle pioneered the world’s first African Deli, located in Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market. Tribal Tastes was born out of the intrinsic belief that stories, culture and values are enshrined in cuisine. Kunle opened Tribal Tastes to introduce and share the rich diverse culinary culture of West Africa. He creates and prepares all products, like ready to heat and serve meals, of which produce are freshly sourced from the market according to seasons. His cuisine is deeply rooted in traditions rather than trends. The origin of current trends in cuisine such as vegan, pescatarian, keto and paleo live styles can be traced to West African cuisine.

Tribal Tastes has introduced West African cuisine into the Australian culinary landscape, which are now proudly stocked in hundreds of stores Australia wide.

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