Three Great Picnic Ideas with Tribal Tastes flare!

Three Great Picnic Ideas with Tribal Tastes flare!

As Melbourne is emerging from lockdown and some restrictions remain regarding entertaining at home, picnics are certainly the gathering of choice. Tribal Tastes has put together a fabulous collection of picnic favourites that's sure to add an exotic flair to your next gathering. Visit in-store or order ahead and your Tribal Tastes treats will be boxed up and ready to go. Whether it's a visit to the Botanical Gardens or All Nations in Northcote take your next picnic to the next level with a selection of Tribal Tastes specialties. 

 As Christmas is around the corner and outdoor picnics are   already being flaunted, Tribal Tastes hot-smoked Turkey   Breast Fillet and Whole Salmon will make this 2021 post   lockdown Christmas the one to remember. Free range   turkey, marinaded in African spices and succulently and   meticulously hot-smoked without chemicals or   preservatives. Simply the best Christmas Turkey ever! Pre orders open now!

Seafood Delicacies

Tribal Tastes hot smoked trout or hot smoked salmon 'African Candy' - a treat not sweet - is the the next level in ready to go exotic treats. Meticulously hot smoked without chemicals or preservatives. Described as the best new product to come to the market in the last 10 years.

Pickled tunaFor something delicious and zesty you cant go past Tribal Tastes Pickled Tuna or Blue Eye Fish. As fresh as it gets, Chef Kunle is the master in precuring the best and freshest produce ever. Pick up fresh crusty bread from our neighbours at Woodfrog Bakery and simply the best tomatoes from our friend John at Tomato City add some rocket and OMG NEXT level picnic is DONE!!

South African Delights

For the best selection of biltong and smoked meats at your next drinks catch up by the beach pick up Tribal Tastes South African delights. South African sample pack for a little bit of everything or go all out for a South African Luxury Pack and Melbourne's last lockdown will soon become a distant memory.  

EasyMeal™ Hot Lunch Banquet

Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ range is simply the ultimate in convenience food. We have curated a selection of exquisite banquets. Do you know what the best thing is about Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ Packs? The packs are heated up in hot boiling water! Yes that's right heat up at home in hot boiling water. Wait for even a better part of this. You can take the heated packs as they are in a soft esky and take them hot and sealed in the esky straight to your picnic. No mess, no spills & so convenient. Honestly and truely you will be so impressed and spilled food in the boot will be a thing of the past! 

Examples of our specially curated EasyMeal™ Banquets -

1. Blue Fin Tuna or Sardines with Jollof Rice & Beans Banquet

2. Buffalo Casserole with Samp & Beans & Asaro (Vegetable Banquet)

3. Chicken Casserole with Esasu (potato & beans) & Brown Rice Jollof