Tribal Tastes - EasyMeal™ Collection

Tribal Tastes - EasyMeal™ Collection

As a busy mum I know how difficult it is to put a healthy, tasty meal on the table that the whole family will enjoy. Tribal Tastes offers real solutions for busy households wanting to enjoy healthy, nourishing meals without spending a lot of time and a lot of money. Tribal Tastes premier EasyMeal™ brand of prepared meal accompaniments is a solution that is gaining popularity Australia wide. Favourite meal packs are stocked in over 50 stores in Victoria & NSW. Based in West African tradition all meal packs are gluten, dairy & sugar free. All meal packs have long shelf life in the fridge yet contain absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. Made by Chef Kunle in his Melbourne production facility with fresh ingredients he sources himself from the Queen Victoria Market. Compared with other meal packs on the market, Tribal Tastes EasyMeals™ are a unique point of difference. They are fresh, tasty and form the 'complex' component of a great meal. Serve healthy vegan meals with bean packs as a toasties or taco filler simply with salad. Serve vegan sides with protein of choice including grilled tofu. Meat casseroles are growing in variety and now include, chicken, beef, kangaroo, buffalo & camel. All are low in carbohydrates as they contain no gluten, thickeners or sugar. They can be served with rice, cous cous or pasta or can be served with steamed veggies such as cauliflower & pumpkin which is suitable for those on a ketogenic diet. Keeping a variety of EasyMeal™ packs in the fridge takes the stress out of nightly meal preparation and is a real alternative to takeaway or UberEats. Simply heat pouches in hot boiling water for 20-30 minutes and serve. I like to heat them in the bottom section of my steamer and steam veggies on top. Best part is, there’s no dirty dishes and no mess. So easy!

Eliza Daniel our regular EasyMeal™ customer just posted a review (Feb '21) Here's what she's had to say: 

"As a new mum the Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ packs are AMAZING. Super healthy, delicious, super easy to prepare and the best part is NO Dirty dishes to clean after cooking. You simply pop the bag in a pot of boiling water and in 20 minutes you have your meal! They have long shelf life in the fridge and delivery is super quick and reliable. Thank you Tribal Tastes for making my life so much easier!!!"

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