Tribal Tastes Celebrates 20 years at Queen Vic Market

Queen Victoria Market - Wholesale Tuesdays

Queen Victoria Market - Wholesale Tuesdays

Tribal Tastes Foods P/L is a manufacturer and retailer of quality ready to heat and serve EasyMeal™ options. Retail varieties include vegan beans & sides such as blackeye beans, lentils or chickpeas in African Sauce and Traditional Jollof Rice, Brown Rice or Quinoa & Lentils. EasyMeal™ 500g retail packs are West African inspired yet contemporary; appealing to health conscious consumers. All products are gluten, sugar and preservative free. EasyMeal™ products are currently distributed to over 100 health food stores and independent grocers Australia-wide and are now offered direct to store for re-sale direct from QVM as part of Wholesale Tuesdays. 

In addition to the retail packs Tribal Tastes manufactures EasyMeal™ options in 2kg bulk-pack boil-able packaging for hospitality operators. Boil in bag system is hygienic and maintains moisture & flavour. EasyMeal™ bulk-packs are favoured by food service providers as they are easy to heat, there’s no food prep, no cooking, no washing up, and no waste! Talk to our friendly staff for expert advice and wholesale deals.

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