Tribal Tastes Celebrates 20 years at Queen Vic Market

Healthy Vegan Meals

Healthy Vegan Meals

Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ vegan range features healthy meals which are deep rooted in West African tradition. Range includes at least a dozen succulently cooked healthy easy vegan dinners including Blackeye beans, Asaro (Vegetable Banquet), Chickpeas & Lentils. These pre prepared ready made meal accompaniments are so easy to prepare and have long shelf life in the fridge yet have absolutely no preservatives or chemicals. Fresh ingredients are selected and sourced from Melbourne's iconic Queen Victoria Market and are all free from gluten, dairy & sugar. Order meals on line or visit in store - you will be delighted with the exciting range. The best part about the Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ range of pre made meals are that there is no mess. Simply heat the pouches in hot boiling water and serve with rice or salad. Bean dishes make fabulous wrap or toastie fillers and vegan side dishes can be served with salad or steamed vegetables.

Stock up and have ready made meals in the fridge which are easier and healthier than Uber Eats or home delivery service. 


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