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Healthy Meals Made Easy

Healthy Meals Made Easy


Lockdown is a great time for thinking about how to do things better. Meal prep is one area many busy households struggle with finding a sustainable solution. Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ options make healthy meal prep a breeze. Quick, healthy, delicious meal solutions delivered to your door. 

Kids are starving and you haven’t thought about dinner? Finished work for the day and exhausted? Still have a million things to do tonight? We know exactly how you feel. How about if there was a solution to putting a healthy, delicious meal on the table that’s quicker than ordering takeaway? Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ packs are the answer! Having EasyMeal™ packs in the fridge is just like the convenience of Uber Eats or Menu Log but easier.

Healthy Meal Options 

Tribal Tastes is based at the Queen Victoria Market and owner Kunle Adesua is passionate about producing healthy, easy meals for his customers. He started his business in 2002 and has been producing Easy Meals ever since. Kunle EasyMeal™ packs are West African cuisine inspired. They are gluten, dairy & sugar free meals packed with fresh vegetables Kunle sources from other traders at the Queen Victoria Market. 

Tribal Tastes EasyMeal™ Packs

Order a selection of EasyMeal™ packs from vast menu options. Tribal Tastes produces vegan side dishes, vegan bean dishes, pescatarian and meat options.  All you need to do then is shop for a few basics. We will give you postcards of plated meals with shopping lists for inspiration. It’s a no brainer. No complex recipes, no thinking, no waste and best of all NO MESS! Life is way too busy to be worried every night about putting a healthy tasty meal on the table. EasyMeal™ packs are heaven sent and heavenly.

Running late from work? Teenage kids can easily get dinner started. Ask them what they feel like. They can choose an EasyMeal™ pack or two and get a super easy meal sorted. Do you have little kids and need to organise dinner for the vegan baby-sitter on date night? Vegan EasyMeal™ range could not make your life easier! Little kids can pick a pack and dinner is done! Easier, quicker and healthier than pizza.

Dinner is done in a few easy steps

First - Boil a pot of water (preferably a steamer pot). That way you can put some mash veggies in the top whilst your meal pack is heating up. 

Second – Decide on which meal pack to heat and boil in pot with lid on for 25 minutes.

Third – Organise a few sides.

Meal Planning Ideas

Keep some basics in the fridge. Salad packs, few bunches broccolini, yummy things to add to a salad like cherry tomatoes & bocconcini. To break things up buy some portions of protein that can be grilled in a flash. Have some Spice Queen favourites in your pantry and wallah! Tribal Tastes also has some great condiments and rubs such as harissa & jerk spice rub. Gourmet dinner taken to another level. Cook extra rice or pasta and keep in the fridge in snap lock bags so they’re easy to heat up. Reheat pasta by soaking briefly in boiling water. Have some extras? Set-up a couple of meal prep trays to microwave for dinner tomorrow.

 So what could my week of meals look like?

  1. Chicken Casserole with veggie mash and broccolini -
  1. Adalu with sausage & caramelised onion
  1. Zaatar Grilled chops with Quinoa & Lentils & salad
  1. Marlin Casserole with Steamed Rice & Greens
  1. Cannellini Bean soup with crusty bread
  1. Beans Banquet & sour dough toast
  1. Build your own taco Night - Blackeye Beans, cheese, salad

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