Chef Kunle's Bukka - AMCF Autumn Festival at Queen Vic Market

Chef Kunle's Bukka - AMCF Autumn Festival at Queen Vic Market

We’re excited to announce that Tribal Tastes will be showcasing traditional West African cuisine fit for royalty, at the Autumn African Music and Cultural Festival. Our pop-up stall, Chef Kunle's BUKKA, will be serving up fresh and delicious meals on both days!

When: The event will run across two days will take place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May 2023 from 9am to 4pm.

Where: At the Queen Vic Market, (Sheds C & D) Queen St, Melbourne. 

What is a BUKKA?
A BUKKA is a Nigerian street eatery where fresh seasonal produce is cooked fro sale on a daily basis usually by veteran woman tutored by tradition and intuition. They don't measure and every dish are fit for kings and queens and every bite beckons another hence the 'finger licking' now becomes the essence of eating.

Why should I come? 
Come and see Chef Kunle and his team serve up traditional BUKKA food at the festival. Enjoy smoked fish casserole served with sadza (maize meal) for a ‘fufu challenge’, goat casserole, Liberian pumpkin chicken, samba coconut rice, smoked salmon jollof rice, Dodo (plaintains) and beans served with premium blue grenadier, wild caught barramundi served with maize meal, jollof or coconut rice, just to name a few!

Come and hear Chef Kunle speak about African Cuisine and culture whilst demonstrating how to make the most delicious greens side dish called Efo Riro.Fun Fact - Chef Kunle was once described by Maeve O’Meara as having an encyclopaedic knowledge of African cuisine.

What else should I expect to enjoy at the festival? 

AMCF Autumn Festival at Queen Victoria Market will showcase the vibrant and
diverse cultures of Africa through street foods, music, drumming and fashion. The events will take visitors on a food journey through Africa and visitors can also enjoy live performances by talented African musicians and dancers, shop for unique handicrafts and clothing from African market stalls and participate in cultural workshops and activities. Children will also be entertained with face painting, balloonist, African drumming classes and dance tutorials.



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