African Jerky Spot

African Jerky Spot

Tribal Tastes Foods is Australia's leading manufacturer of African Style 'Jerkies' with varieties from across the African continent. Jerky varieties include smoked and dried meats & fish. African Jerky Spot is a concept which resonates with market goers who have enjoyed visiting the Tribal Tastes African Jerky Spot stall at the Queen Victoria Market summer night market over the past decade. African Jerkies are gluten free, sugar free and very low in carbohydrates making them a welcomed component to ketogenic adaptive diets. Drier products such as stokkies and Kilishi make fabulous camping and hiking foods as they do not require refrigeration. They are dehydrated and stable meats which will continue to dry and will not spoil even in the harshest conditions. Jerkies especially Tribal Tastes dried fish & beef Kilishi's can also be incorporated into cooking.

African Jerky Spot is a special collection on the Tribal Tastes website bringing together African Jerkies from across our vast product range.

At African Jerky Spot you will also find South African Specialites such as Biltong, Stokkies & Droewors. Traditional & chilli beef stokkies are South African style dried meats. Beef Biltong is made from Australian grass fed beef and imported spices from South Africa. Tribal Tastes uses topside and scotch fillet cuts of Australian Grass fed beef.  Children especially love beef stokkies and are fabulous in lunch boxes or as a healthy after school snack. Looking for something wild? You will find buffalo, camel & kangaroo biltong. Sustainable & low in fat. Not to be missed new taste sensation. 

You will also find Kilishi - Tribal Tastes classic West African Beef Jerky; a favourite for our customers. Kilishi is made from premium quality Australian Grass Fed Beef and West African spices. Kilishi is smoky, dry and completely natural. Going on a road trip? There is nothing better to take in the car than Kilishi. Do you get hungry in the afternoon and need something heathy & tasty to get through the day? Kilishi is a must have in your work drawer. Hiking in the Himalayas? Please do not leave home without Kilishi in your pack. Having a drink after work? Kilishi will take Friday night drinks to another level!   A customer once told us he was offered gold in exchange for Kilishi whilst on a hike in the Himalayas. Seriously Kilishi has such amazing and intense flavour no food is more enjoyable at altitude. That is why so many pilots are Tribal Tastes customers. Kilishi is truly the ultimate snack whether on the ground, in the mountains or flying high.


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