African Festival Melbourne returns to Queen Vic Market!

African Festival Melbourne returns to Queen Vic Market!

The African Festival Melbourne returns to Queen Vic Market!

Chef Kunle will be showcasing the diverse and delicious cuisine of West Africa at the African Festival Melbourne weekend of the 28th & 29th May 2022.

The highlight of Tribal Tastes menu will be - AKARA - 'food for the Gods & Goddesses!' reimagined as the 'Akara sandwich' which will be making a global debut at this event. Akara is a traditional West African street food made from blackeye beans, onions & chilli. Akara is vegan, gluten free and delicious. Tribal Tastes 'Akara sandwich' will be filled with morsels of bbq chicken suya, smoked fish casserole or vegan option and topped with pickle salad.

'Akara sandwich' is a new taste sensation - NOT TO BE MISSED! 

At the African Festival Melbourne you will experience African culture through food, art, dance, plenty of kids activities, and live entertainment. 

Watch the sheds come alive as the Market bustles with traders selling unique flavours from all over Africa, and with entertainment like no other, you’ll be humming, swaying, and dancing to the beat of the drum all day.

A cultural immersion, where you can meet the community, eat the food and enjoy the entertainment.

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