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African Candy - Salmon Pesto Pasta Recipe

African Candy - Salmon Pesto Pasta Recipe


500g Fusilloni Pasta

200g Tribal Tastes African Candy ‘hot smoked’ salmon

1 tub Basil Pesto (Silvia’s Deli)

1 bunch chopped broccolini (inc stems)

1 punnet halved mini roma cherry tomatoes

Few basil leaves

50g lightly toasted pine nuts

Pinch Himalayan Salt


Boil plenty of salted water in a large pot. Once boiled, add pasta and gently stir. Put lid on and gently stir from time to time. Cook on medium to high heat until pasta is el dente. Turn off heat. 

Add chopped broccolini to pasta pot for 30 seconds or so. Drain, as soon a broccolini is vibrant green. Run under cool tap water. Return to pot.

Stir through pesto, half of crumbled salmon & cherry tomatoes. Serve garnish with slices of salmon, toasted pine nuts and basil leaves. Finnish with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Serve cold. 

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