Hop to It - Order NOW!

Hop to It - Order NOW!

Tribal Tastes - feast from Africa, offers an exciting range of products for Easter that can be purchased in store at the Queen Victoria Market as well as online. Tribal Tastes 'hot smoked' salmon is available in moist cutlets or whole salmon and described by customers as "the best new product to come to the market in the last ten years!" Order NOW! via our contact page.

Impressive 'hot smoked' whole salmon, available by order by March 20th, up to 2kg, $48kg. Delicious, healthy, ready to serve!

Also available online African Candy - a treat, not sweet. Meticulously 'hot smoked' salmon, is firm enough to grate on pasta or noodles.

Easy Meals Solutions are ready to heat & serve meals that are vacuum sealed in special BPA free cooking bags. Simply heat bag in hot boiling water for 20 minutes and serve. No shopping, no chopping, no messy pots to wash, EASY! Meals are West African inspired with delicious options such as vegetarian jollof rice, blackeye beans & chicken casserole. Dinner party options available in Tribal Banquets section of website. This Easter if you're going away or staying home, make this Easter the easiest and tastiest ever! 


For Easter drinks or if you're hiking, boating, camping or fishing you can't go past Tribal Tastes Kilishi. Marinated and 'hot smoked' meats prepared West African style, kilishi is a delicacy! Kilishi is a very healthy product containing NO chemicals, preservatives and NO sugar. Kilishi is currently on special online at 20% off retail price.

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