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Let's talk Turkey!

Let's talk Turkey!

Tribal Tastes produces 100% Natural Turkey Breast Fillet for the Christmas season. So "let's talk turkey', what's different about Tribal Tastes turkey compared to supermarket smoked turkey buffets"? 

  1. Supermarket turkeys are often pumped with a brine mixture to maintain the weight of the turkey after it's smoked. Tribal Tastes does not pump the turkey with brine. 
  2. Supermarket smoked turkeys are made with chemical preservatives so they can be made months before Christmas and kept in storage. Tribal Tastes turkeys are smoked fresh just before Christmas and are made with NO chemicals or preservatives. 
  3. Supermarket smoked turkeys can be bland or flavoured with chemical flavour enhancers. Tribal Tastes turkeys are marinated overnight with the Chief's signature herb & spice mix giving a delicate mildly spiced, finger licking great flavour! They contain NO sugar! 
  4. Supermarket turkeys can be reconstituted meat and may contain meat extenders containing fats & gluten. Tribal Tastes uses fresh whole turkey breast fillet and are 100% gluten free. 
  5. Are you convinced? Order here. 



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