About our Easy Meal Solutions

About our Easy Meal Solutions

Tribal Tastes manufactures an exciting range of Easy Meals Solutions – healthy, ready to heat & serve meals that transcend organic. Tribal Tastes Easy Meals are made with fresh market ingredients and NO preservatives what so ever.  All meals are dairy free, sugar free, preservative & chemical free, no additives, no flavour enhancers, no food extenders, are Low GI … Just honest to goodness real, living ingredients!

The base sauce of meals is produced from hand selected capsicum, tomato, onion, a dash of chilli & the goodness of West African EPO PUPA – 100% Pure, red palm fruit oil.

So unlike other ready meals on the market, if you’re looking for meals with NO numbers – this is it!

Serving sizes: Each Easy Meal Solution bag contains enough food to provide a side dish for up to 4 people, or a full meal for a hungry person.

Postage: Flat rate Postage -  $5 for any combination of 5 meals (up to 3kg).
Tribal Tastes has manufactured meals so that they can be kept out of the fridge long enough to get to our customers safely, but please refrigerate them when you receive them. 
Orders for Easy Meal Solutions are dispatched from Melbourne Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to minimise time in transit. Orders are sent by overnight Express Courier, so if you're not home on Tuesdays, consider having your order delivered to a work address so you can pop them in the fridge and then take them home at the end of the day. 

Storage: store in the fridge (below) 4 degrees for up to four months.

Heat and serve: Boil Tribal Tastes Easy Meal Solutions in the bag/s they arrive in. Just put the bags in enough water to cover them and boil for 20 minutes. Grab the bag/s with some tongs, cut them open and arrange the contents on a serving platter. Easy!

Clean up: Wait for the pot of boiled water to cool down, empty it on the garden bed, and put it upside down on the drying rack to dry. There are no cooking dishes to wash up! 

Not a lot to ask is it, to get food to your table that’s ‘living’ and amazing!

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