Beware of Imitations

Beware of Imitations

Tribal Tastes is concerned about adulterated palm oil being sold as Red Palm Fruit Oil in Australia. This is Palm Kernel Oil which has been deoderised and coloured with food dye.  Ensure that African Food is purchased from registered food premises and is labelled. Tribal Tastes - feast from Africa proudly stocks 100% Pure Red Palm Fruit oil.

The following are characteristics of adulterated product.

  1. When 100% Pure Red Palm Fruit Oil is congealed and cold the colour resembles egg yolk - NOT between carrot Juice & blood orange
  2. Smell should be fruity and bearly detectable. It should NOT be offensive
  3. Ensure that product is labelled as Pure Palm Fruit Oil - NOT crude Palm Oil
  4. Beware of product sold unlabelled 
  5. 100% Pure Palm Fruit Oil has no sediment on the bottom of the bottle

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